• Our Okanagan Sunflower – Arrowleaf Balsamroot

    Arrowleaf Balsamroot - Okanagan SunflowerIn the past few weeks the hills and fields in and around Kelowna have been awash in beautiful yellow flowers. Kelowna’s official flower is the Arrowleaf Balsamroot often referred to by locals as the Okanagan Sunflower. Its name comes from a combination of leaf shape and a fragrant resin, or “balsam”, found in its roots.

    All the locals have been taking spectacular photos of these perennial flowers as the season is only a few weeks long. I am fortunate to have these amazing flowers right in my back yard.

    This flower is native to much of western North America, is drought tolerant and grows in many types of habitat from mountain forests to grassland to desert scrub. All of the plant is edible, although it doesn’t taste very good! Many Native American groups, utilized the plant as a food and medicine. Grazing animals can be seen eating the plant, especially the flowers and developing seed heads.


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