• Okanagan Apple Varieties

    distinctly kelowna tours apple varietiesOn a number of our Okanagan wine tours we stop at a local fruit stand. Here you can sample a number of our wonderful apple varieties.

    Apple varieties planted in the Okanagan Valley include:

    Sunrise: The Sunrise apple is very crisp and juicy with an attractive red colour. It is available early August.

    Braeburn: The Braeburn apple has a sweet/tart flavour, is oval in shape, red on green background and a very firm, crisp, juicy flesh. It is available late October.

    Golden Delicious: The Golden Delicious apple has a rich, unique flavour, juicy flesh and cooks firm. It is often used in desserts and salads. It is available late September.

    Red Delicious: The Red Delicious is a highly flavoured sweet/tart apple, with a crisp, juicy pulp. It is available in October.

    Granny Smith:  The Granny Smith apple has a tart-tangy, crisp flavour and has a bright green skin. It is a good cooking apple and is available late October.

    Spartan: The Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Summerland has been instrumental in developing new fruit varieties such as the Spartan apple. The Spartan has a distinctive sweet flavour. It cooks soft and smooth and has an unusually small core. It is available in October.

    Honeycrisp:  The Honey crisp apple is very sweet and is extremely crisp. It is available in early September.

    Jonagold: The Jonagold is a crisp, sweet, firm large apple and is available late October.

    Mcintosh: The McIntosh apple has a tangy flavour with a firm, crisp pulp. It cooks soft and smooth. It is available in September.

    Nicola: The Nicola apple is sweet and aromatic, firm and juicy. It is great for pies and salads. It is available late fall.

    Pink Lady: The Pink Lady apple is sweet and slightly tart with a red blush flesh. It is great for snacking and salads. It is available late October.

    Royal Gala: The Royal Gala apple is a sweet apple with excellent texture and flavour. The pulp is crisp and firm and it is available in September.

    Fuji: The Fuji apple is juicy and sweet, large in size, very firm and is yellow overlaid with red stripes. It is available in October.

    Ambrosia: The Ambrosia apple was discovered in the early 1990’s in a South Okanagan orchard. This B.C. owned tri-coloured apple promises to be popular and is now being widely planted throughout the valley replacing other standard varieties. This is a sweet apple, medium size and red blush. The flesh is slow to oxidize (brown) and it is available late September.

    Red Rome: The Red Rome apple is slightly sweet and excellent for baking as it cooks firm. It is available late October.

    Enjoy our local flavours on your next Distinctly Kelowna wine tour!


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