• Véraison, the Onset of Ripening

    distinctly-kelowna-tours-veraisonDuring your Okanagan wine tour from mid-August through September you will see the grapevines loaded with beautiful ripening grapes.

    Véraison is a viticulture (grape-growing) term meaning “the onset of ripening”. The official definition of veraison is a “change of color of the grape berries”, representing the transition from berry growth to berry ripening. Many changes in berry development occur at veraison.

    Veraison begins in mid-August. During veraison, the grapes will stop growing in size and begin ripening. In august colour change also begins and sugars begin to accumulate. In September the sugar concentrations increase, acid levels will drop and flavours develop. Early varieties (Bacchus & Auxerrois) may be ready for harvest at the end of Sept.

    Some of the wineries we visit are happy to let you sample one of the berries as they are ripening on the vine.