• Spring

    Welcome Spring. We missed you.

    This past weekend marked “Spring Ahead” and each day we feel it more and more.

     The warm sunshine, the melting snow, and the birds chirping; all signs of saying good-bye to winter and a welcome hello to spring.

    Time to venture out of hibernation and absorb. breathe. capture the Okanagan in the springtime!

    Reasons to tour wineries in the spring.

    the warmth of the sun, the feeling of renewed energy and the start of new beginnings. It seems like nothing is happening on the vines and then all of a sudden, the burst of new life emerges called bud break.

    “Bud Break” is the opening of a dormant bud, when the shoot begins to grow.

    This event is a special time for growers, winemakers and wine lovers. It signals the beginning of a new growing season here in the Okanagan.        

    Bud Break

    For those of you that have been to Okanagan Wine Country, you know how popular it is to go on a wine tour or visit a tasting room. It’s at the top of the list of things to do here in the valley. The Okanagan sees well over a million visitors each year, and with our award-winning wines, wineries and vineyards, its no question that it gets busy! This fact alone might be a good reason to visit one in the spring. The pace is a little more laid back and you might find that you can spend more time at the tasting bar asking questions or even get a chance to chat with the winemaker.
    There are over 40 wineries in and around Kelowna with more new wineries are popping up every year. Word is that there are 4 new wineries coming to this area. Yahoo!
    At each winery stop there are experienced, talented winemakers and knowledgeable hosts eager to pour their wine and share their stories.

    What is fabulous about spring is that winemakers introduce their new releases. White wines are the first to be released. You may have tried that same varietal of grape, at that same winery, but not this vintage. Weather, terroir, length of growing season, and many other factors play a part in developing this brand new wine. Every year is different. It is a liquid time capsule; it can never be replicated. You just may find a favourite in these spring wine releases. A friendly tip: purchase a few bottles because your new found favourite might sell out by the end of the season.

    Quail’s Gate Estate Winery


    Visiting a winery in the spring is a memorable experience; the budding flowers, the new green vines, and the smell of nature coming back to life. Glorious!

    The views here in the Okanagan are quite spectacular. Balsam Arrowroot (aka Okanagan Sunflower) spring forth on the hillsides creating a stunning spectacle. Many of the local wineries/restaurants boast stunning patios with breathtaking views. Whether you are just visiting the Okanagan valley, or a long-time resident, spring is a beautiful time of year to capture the sights; enjoying the farm to table local culinary delights while sipping local.

    There are so many reasons to do a wine tour and tastings; whether it be your love of local wines (we call it research and development), the beauty of nature, or the love of good company; all wonderful reasons to experience the joy of visiting a winery in the spring.

    Our tour guides will navigate the terrain as you enjoy your tasting experience.